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Posted on: February 11, 2008 2:07 pm

Louisville Gets Screwed Again!!

I have been waiting all day for the coaches poll to come out to see where Louisville jumped to AFTER BEING NUMBER 16 MARQUETTE AND NUMBER 6 G-TOWN..... GUESS WHAT, THEY STILL ARE NOT RANKED...... the ranking system is joke. Louisville has proven over the last month they are a Top 15 team and the Coaches and ESPN or whoever votes and go put something up there you know what. This is a joke ..... IU BARELY BEAT 10 -13 Illinois and moves up to 12th and Butler, I love them Im from Indy but Guess what, they are not the 12th best team in the nation... THEY PLAY NOBODY, yes they are 19-2 but come on... Louisville  would win every game by 20 in the HORIZON league.. Im just blowing off some steam because this is about RETARDED..... atleast mejia gave them some love!
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